Looking for your next adventure? Join Alberta’s fastest growing Tile Supplier. Be part of the team that is taking tile to the next level. We’re not stopping in Alberta….we’ve got bigger plans.

How are we going to achieve our lofty goals? It all depends on the team we build, and the culture we develop.

We’re proud to say that our team members:

1. Value Growth

We are a growing company, and want our employees to grow with us. As an employer, we offer growth opportunities throughout your career. Every new team member, regardless of the position they are hired for, undergoes a training program. We use up-front and shared metrics and methods to encourage growth. Learning never stops. Work is fun when you are aiming for new plateaus of knowledge and performance.

For us, growth isn’t just what we do, but also a mindset that our team members take. True growth involves self-awareness. Our employees are asked to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Success is based on playing to your strengths, and improving your weaknesses. When a mistake is made, feedback on mistakes is encouraged. We believe that growth does not occur when someone tries to rationalize their mistakes, or attempts to blame others, regardless of their position.

Additionally, education and growth does not have to be formal. Growth is in the questions you ask and the discussions that we have.

2. Are Resourceful

Our employees have the brains and drive to figure out how to get over, around or through barriers to success. They naturally have energy and passion for a job well done.

Through use of strong analytic skills, coupled with persistence, our team members solve the problems inherent to their position, which ends up benefiting the whole team.

When you work at Tile and Stone Source, you aren’t a cog in the machine. Your contributions matter, and if you find a way to conduct business that is better than what we are doing now, you will be heard.

Our success at Tile and Stone Source is based on our value of resourcefulness. We encourage a strong work ethic. We are motivated to do our best. We believe that each person can be held to a higher standard than they were the day before. We recognize others who are committed to our purpose.

3. Complete Tasks and Take Ownership for them

When a project is done, it means we’ve made sure that it is done with care and due diligence. Our employees boldly claim that “Done means DONE.” They’re “on it” when it comes to their job duties, including the problems that inevitably arise.

We aren’t interested in doing something for the sake of doing it. When we complete something, we’re proud of it. We’ve achieved something that is valuable not only to us, but to the entire organization as a whole.

Revisiting a task over and over is frustrating for all involved. It’s much better to be tenacious, and complete the task all the way the first time.

4. Create a Positive Work Environment

We believe that friendly relationships are key to our success–whether it’s with co-workers, our customers or our vendors.

We want to put forward an energy that is dynamic and positive.

Everyone in our organization, especially our top executives, strive to be approachable and friendly at all times.


We are a winning team.

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